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electric drum brake

Brake Burnishing

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Trailer Drum Brakes The break-in period is a typical phenomenon with all drum brakes and especially electric drum brakes. Electric drum brakes will require a break-in period to achieve full performance. This break-in period applies for new axles and any time new brake shoes and/or magnets are installed as part of regular maintenance. Lippert Components has found, through extensive brake testing, that the break-in period for our drum brakes can range from 20 to 50 brake applications. Brakes can be seated in by turning the brake controller gain to maximum, employing the trailer brakes at an initial speed of Read More

Towing Fuel Economy

It's critical for trailer owners to minimize the expense of towing as much as possible. Mirage Trailers has tips to increase fuel economy when towing. Read More


Tire maintenance is often underestimated, and catastrophe can strike when one least expects it. Read More

Trailer Weight vs. Volume

A common misconception among dump trailer users, as well as many dump trailer dealers, seems to be that the amount of material a trailer is capable of hauling is directly related to the size of the box. This is completely false. Read More

Capacities of Loading Ramps

Mirage Trailers and TNT Trailer would like to provide the weight capacities of our loading ramps, and some helpful guidelines regarding their proper use. Read More

Save Fuel by Reducing Weight

When was the last time you audited what you're carrying in your trailer? The less travel trailers weigh, the less fuel consumed by their tow vehicles. Read More

Determine a Trailer’s Load Limit

Determining load limits of trailers involves more than understanding tire ratings. Mirage Trailers will show you how to find the payload of your trailer. Read More

Avoid a Jackknife

Jackknifing, pinching your trailer and tow vehicle together, can happen to anyone. Here's some tips from Mirage Trailers that may help you avoid it. Read More

Backing a Trailer

Backing a trailer, especially for the inexperienced, can be a bit intimidating. Here's a tip from Mirage Trailers that can make the task a little easier. Read More

Safety Walkaround

Mirage Trailers recommends doing a safety walkaround of your trailer at each stop. Component failures and other issues don't always happen predictably. Read More

Calculate Hitch Weight

Hitch weight, or tongue weight, is the downward force the tongue of your trailer applies to the hitch. It is critical for proper towing and safety. Read More

Securing Bikes

Securing bikes in enclosed motorcycle trailers is tricky. Here's a few common practices from Mirage Trailers that may help you do it right. Read More

Hook Up Safety Chains

Safety chains are a critical component of proper trailer operation. Here's a quick tip from Mirage Trailers regarding their correct application. Read More

Towing Safely

To ensure maximum safety when towing your trailer, perform a safety inspection before each use. Here's guidelines from Mirage Trailers on how to do this. Read More

Winterize an RV Toy Hauler

Winterizing an RV Toy Hauler is a relatively easy process. Have a water heater by-pass kit installed on your water heater, a water-pump winterizing kit, and it's a good idea to have a city water inlet blow-out plug. Read More

Fuel Pump Maintenance

Mirage Trailers and TNT would like to offer this quick tip regarding preventative maintenance of fuel systems. Specifically, the fuel pump. Read More

Install a Trailer Sidewall Vent

Installing a sidewall vent to add airflow to your enclosed trailer is easy. Here's a tutorial from Mirage Trailers to get you started. Read More

Replace a Roof Vent

Replacing an old roof vent is much simpler than you might think. Here's some step by step instructions from Mirage Trailers showing how it's done. Read More

Install a Breakaway Kit

Even if a breakaway kit is not required by your state, it's a good idea to install one on your trailer. They're standard on Mirage Trailers. Read More

Loading and Towing

In this section, Mirage Trailers and TNT provide information regarding trailer safety, usage, and operation. Get tips from people with decades of experience in both trailer manufacturing and operation. Read More

Trailer Wiring Diagrams

Do you need to know how Mirage trailers are wired? Below you will find trailer wiring diagrams for 7 and 4 way plugs along with the breakaway box. Read More
electric drum brake

Troubleshoot Trailer Brakes

Identifying root causes of malfunctioning trailer brakes makes a big difference in repair costs. Here's some troubleshooting tips from Mirage Trailers. Read More

Tire Terminology

Below you will find a list of tire terminology you may find useful when dealing with wheels on Mirage Trailers. Read More

Tire Maintenance

Taking care of your trailer's tires is essential. Mirage Trailers provides some tables that should assist you in keeping your tires in good working order. Read More