Mirage Trailers recommends doing a safety walkaround of your trailer at each stop. Component failures and other issues don’t always happen predictably.

Check Your Cargo

You’ve been driving around; hitting bumps, turning, braking, accelerating. You might want to check your cargo to make sure nothing has moved around or settled during transport. Then double check your tow straps to make sure they are still secure. Afterwords, don’t forget to check all of your trailer doors to make sure they are properly closed. Obviously, it’s going to be a bad day when you forget to fasten the cam locks on your ramp door and it opens when you’re on the freeway.

Check the Lights

Do a quick check of your clearance, running, stop, and turn lights. Make sure lenses haven’t been cracked or otherwise damaged. Make sure the lights are actually still operating as intended. Make sure your plug is still firmly connected to your tow vehicle. While you’re there, make sure your coupler, safety chains, and breakaway kit are also secured!

Tire and Undercarriage Check

Do a quick scan of your undercarriage to make sure the underside of your trailer is free from road debris and other objects, and that any wires or other components are not hanging in harms way. Check your tires for objects as well. Listen for any hissing sounds. Make sure your tires are wearing evenly. Feel your tires for any extraordinary heat. Before your pull out, perform a quick brake check as well. If you’d like more information on tire and brake maintenance and troubleshooting, there are pages on our website that cover those in greater detail.

Spending five minutes while you’re filling up, going through these checks, could save you hours of time (or something even more important) down the road. Additionally, the more you take care of your trailer, the longer it will last you and the more money you’ll get out of your investment when it’s time for resale. Happy trailering!

Loading and Towing