Installing a sidewall vent to add airflow to your enclosed trailer is easy. Here’s a tutorial from Mirage Trailers to get you started.

Just follow the steps below and you’ll have your ventilation system installed in no time flat.

Drill Holes

Start by drilling (2) 3-inch holes in your trailer sidewalls; one in the front of your trailer placed high, and a rear hole ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE of your trailer placed low.

Install Interior Vents

Next, grab your interior vents and place them into the holes you drilled. Screw them into place.

Install Exterior Vents

Lastly, screw down the exterior vents. Make sure you place the vents so that the front vent grates face forward, and the rear vent grates face backward. This allows the air to flow in from the front and out through the back while you’re traveling.

Stand Back and Admire Your Work

That’s it! A simple and inexpensive way to add plenty of airflow to your trailer. Happy trailering!

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