Company History

Mirage Trailers LLC was founded in 2003 in Nampa, Idaho, under the name Mirage Enterprises, Inc. Since then Mirage has expanded its manufacturing and distribution capability, emerging as one of the finest trailer manufacturers in the entire US. Mirage has diversified into several different brands, and now is a leading manufacturer of enclosed trailers, towable RVs, and utility trailers. Recently, Mirage has introduced new models in several trailer categories to remain competitive in an ever-changing market.

Manufacturing Process

  • Customer Feedback Infused into Design Concepts
  • Prototype is Drafted
  • Prototype is Manufactured
  • Trailer is Rigorously Tested for Functionality and Durability.
  • Trailer is Sent to Dealerships for Distribution
  • Customer Feedback Infused into Design Concepts

By following these guidelines, we are able to deliver one of the most advanced products on the market today.


Mirage Trailers Corporate HQ (Nampa, Idaho) Houses:

  • Corporate Administration
  • Marketing Services
  • Accounting/Financial
  • Graphic Design/Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Research and Development
  • Manufacturing site for Cargo, RV, and Utility Divisions