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Custom Cargo and Snowmobile Trailers

Mirage Trailers has been an industry leader in snowmobile trailers and custom trailers since our founding in 2003. With Mirage you’re getting a quality product with innovations that discerning trailer owners and dealers trust. We build a full line of products for nearly any application.

Enclosed Trailers for Work or Play

Mirage enclosed trailers set the standard. Our production process allows us to build any product from stock box trailers to make-to-order, high options custom trailers. Additionally, our Snowmobile Trailers and Toy Haulers have developed a reputation for innovation, quality, and reliability throughout the Western United States and Canada.

Where Quality Meets Innovation

We’re committed to continual improvement of our manufacturing process, products, and satisfaction of our customers. That means pushing the status quo, maintaining a high standard of quality, fit, and finish, and assisting our authorized dealers with service after the sale.

Where Quality Meets Innovation

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